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Skilled rehabilitation services

Hawkeye Care Center

After a surgery, illness or accident our immediate objective to our residents is to stabilize and strengthen them so that they can return to their independent lifestyle as soon as possible – stronger and with their spirits lifted. At Hawkeye Care Center, we provide leading edge, skilled therapy services including physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Physical therapy can assist in pain management and help restore function for individuals who have experienced neuromuscular or skeletal dysfunction. Treatment may include training in mobility, stability, posture, programs to increase muscle strength and function, coordination and endurance.

Occupational therapy can help individuals adapt to their social and physical environment. Our goal is to enhance patient functionality through education and training in areas such as dressing, bathing, eating and grooming, activities for memory care, how to use adaptive equipment and strengthen and coordination exercises to maintain normal joint movement.

Speech therapy can help individuals overcome speech, language, comprehension, cognitive (thinking) or voice disorders. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are trained in treating swallowing disorders, known as dysphagia, a common problem in the elderly.

Additionally, we can provide restorative care. Our staff work daily with residents to preserve their optimum level of functioning and independence and minimize decline.

Hawkeye Care Center exercise room with a treadmill and other exercise equipment